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  2/23/18 4:32 PM BenStoever 240 Fixed bug #177 (incorrect alignment height distribution after running a second comparison). [more]
  2/23/18 3:27 PM BenStoever 239 Help button in StartComparisonDialog temporarily removed as long as online help is not available. [more]
  2/23/18 3:19 PM BenStoever 238 Labels for single compared alignment are now visible on every horizontal scroll position. [more]
  2/23/18 2:06 PM BenStoever 237 Bug fix: OpenResultsAction now refreshed action status again after setting the loaded document to have no unsaved changes. [more]
  2/23/18 1:56 PM BenStoever 236 NeXML filter added to open dialog. [more]
  2/23/18 1:00 PM BenStoever 235 SaveAction is now only enabled when the document has unsaved changes. [more]
  2/23/18 12:05 PM BenStoever 234 Fixed bug #178. When opening a results file or starting a new comparison, the user is now asked to save the current comparison. [more]
  2/23/18 11:52 AM BenStoever 233 Bug fix: Layout problems in StartComparisonDialog solved. (Fixes bug #180.) [more]
  2/22/18 11:46 PM BenStoever 232 Bug fix in SuperalingedModelIndexTranslator: Index list is now automatically updated on changes, if auto update is not suppressed. (The bug did not effect the current release, since auto updating is always suppressed there.) [more]
  2/22/18 4:36 PM BenStoever 231 Tag for release 0.2.0 created. [more]
  2/22/18 4:29 PM BenStoever 230 Version information updated.
Dependency JARs updated.
AboutDialog text corrected.
  2/22/18 4:09 PM BenStoever 229 Application icon added. [more]
  2/22/18 2:42 PM BenStoever 228 Score for pairwise comparisons using MaxSequencePairMatchAligner is now also logged. [more]
  2/22/18 1:27 PM BenStoever 227 Removed unused imports. [more]
  2/22/18 1:26 PM BenStoever 226 Error message extended. [more]
  2/22/18 10:11 AM BenStoever 225 Way of updating stored mappings in SuperalingedModelIndexTranslator refactored. [more]
  2/21/18 6:33 PM BenStoever 224 AlignmentComparisonComponent now uses a LabelDataArea for each alignment to display the name.
Use of AveragePositionArea commented-out in AlignmentComparisonComponent.
  2/21/18 5:46 PM BenStoever 223 TODO edited. [more]
  2/21/18 5:27 PM BenStoever 222 SuperalingedModelIndexTranslatorTest adjusted to recent changes. [more]
  2/21/18 5:07 PM BenStoever 221 TranslatableAlignment.getOwner() added.
ComparedAlignment.getName() added.
SuperAlignmentAlgorithm now uses ApplicationLogger.
MaxSequencePairMatchAligner makes use of logger.
MaxSequencePairMatchAligner now skips calculating unnecessary pairwise distances.
  2/21/18 3:23 PM BenStoever 220 Debugging outputs from previous commit removed. [more]
  2/21/18 3:20 PM BenStoever 219 Bug fix: Aligned indices are now updated in SuperalingedModelIndexTranslator while processing the guide tree. [more]
  2/21/18 12:42 PM BenStoever 218 Test case in SuperalingedModelIndexTranslatorTest extended to test getAlignedIndex(). [more]
  2/21/18 10:49 AM BenStoever 217 Removed unused imports. [more]
  2/21/18 10:30 AM BenStoever 216 Bug fix in SuperalignedModelDecorator: insertSupergap() now works correctly. [more]
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