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  11/5/17 10:46 AM BenStoever 164 Bug fix: '.' is no also appended when no file extension is specified when saving a comparison. [more]
  11/3/17 6:15 PM BenStoever 163 Log dialog added when writing comparison file.
Correct file extensions set again in Document.
  10/29/17 12:08 PM BenStoever 162 Line and column of JPhyloIO exceptions are now shown in the error dialog when opening saved comparisons. [more]
  10/28/17 11:02 AM BenStoever 161 Adjustments to recent changes in LibrAlign and JPhyloIO. (Only basically tested yet.)
Class folder dependencies in main project replaced by project dependencies.
  10/11/17 5:06 PM BenStoever 160 Adjustments to recent changes in LibrAlign. [more]
  8/30/17 10:15 PM BenStoever 159 GitHub ReadMe corrected. [more]
  8/30/17 9:45 PM BenStoever 158 GitHub ReadMe corrected. [more]
  8/30/17 9:29 PM BenStoever 157 GitHub ReadMe extended. [more]
  8/30/17 8:51 PM BenStoever 156 GitHub ReadMe edited.
GitHub license file added.
  8/10/17 12:25 PM BenStoever 155 GitHub ReadMe edited. [more]
  8/10/17 12:25 PM BenStoever 154 GitHub ReadMe added. [more]
  1/25/17 6:53 PM BenStoever 153 Debug outputs removed and TODO changed. [more]
  1/25/17 4:42 PM BenStoever 152 TODOs added. [more]
  1/25/17 2:49 PM BenStoever 151 Application description updated in copyright notices of test project. [more]
  1/25/17 2:49 PM BenStoever 150 Application description updated in copyright notices of main project. [more]
  1/25/17 2:44 PM BenStoever 149 License files added to include folder as expected by release manager. [more]
  1/25/17 1:51 PM BenStoever 148 Bug fix: Sequence index area moved to top again. [more]
  1/25/17 1:41 PM BenStoever 147 Copyright information in test project updated. [more]
  1/25/17 1:37 PM BenStoever 146 Copyright information updated. [more]
  1/25/17 1:22 PM BenStoever 145 Comment related main menu entries removed.
Copyright information in about dialog updated.
  1/20/17 6:00 PM BenStoever 144 Test project adjusted to recent changes. [more]
  1/20/17 5:58 PM BenStoever 143 Current comment implementations removed. (Will be replaced by refactored version in the future.) [more]
  1/20/17 5:46 PM BenStoever 142 Tag for state before removing comment implementations created. (Future versions will have a refactored comment model. The current state is stored here, before comment-related implementations are temporarily removed from the application.) [more]
  1/20/17 5:44 PM BenStoever 141 Intermediate commit in refactoring comment model. [more]
  12/10/16 10:23 AM BenStoever 140 Adjustments to recent changes in JPhyloIO in test project. [more]
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