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Date: 12/16/18 1:52 PM
Author: LaraKoesters
Message: Added a cancel button to handleUnsavedChanges. Added a ClosableJTabbedPane class, which contains methods for adding close buttons to tabs and also for getting the tab at a certain position (instead of the component).
Additionally, written files will now include metadata for contigs such as information about pherograms. Minor changes (i.e. renaming one of the dialogs, putting the dialogs in front of their owner) were included.
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Modified /trunk/main/src/info/bioinfweb/phyde2/document/io/
Modified /trunk/main/src/info/bioinfweb/phyde2/document/io/
Added /trunk/main/src/info/bioinfweb/phyde2/document/io/
(Copy from /trunk/main/src/info/bioinfweb/phyde2/document/io/ @ 113)
Deleted /trunk/main/src/info/bioinfweb/phyde2/document/io/
Added /trunk/main/src/info/bioinfweb/phyde2/gui/
Modified /trunk/main/src/info/bioinfweb/phyde2/gui/
Modified /trunk/main/src/info/bioinfweb/phyde2/gui/actions/file/
Modified /trunk/main/src/info/bioinfweb/phyde2/gui/dialogs/

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