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  12/8/21 11:47 PM BenStoever 380 Tag for release 0.9.0 created. [more]
  12/8/21 10:52 PM BenStoever 379 Version information updated. [more]
  12/8/21 10:51 PM BenStoever 378 Pair batch size now defined as global constant. [more]
  12/8/21 10:17 PM BenStoever 377 Bug fix: Inserting and updating the user data tables now happens in the correct group iterations. [more]
  12/8/21 9:19 PM BenStoever 376 Providing data from PairDataIteratorStores implemented. [more]
  12/8/21 9:04 PM BenStoever 375 UserExpressionsManager.checkExpressions() now sets values for PairDataIteratorStore of previous group. [more]
  12/8/21 8:52 PM BenStoever 374 Calculation of tree expressions implemented. [more]
  12/8/21 6:27 PM BenStoever 373 Temporary exception added to TreeDataFunction, as long as tree data references are not supported anymore. [more]
  12/8/21 6:18 PM BenStoever 372 Getter used instead of field. [more]
  12/8/21 6:06 PM BenStoever 371 Test project adjusted to recent changes. [more]
  12/8/21 6:06 PM BenStoever 370 Bug fix: Calculation order field in UserExpressionsManager removed and respective field in UserExpressions updated to new type. [more]
  12/8/21 5:43 PM BenStoever 369 Test classes partly adjusted to recent changes. [more]
  12/8/21 5:43 PM BenStoever 368 Calculation of user expressions refactored to new database access. [more]
  12/5/21 7:45 PM BenStoever 367 PairDataIteratorStore.getResult() added. [more]
  12/5/21 7:31 PM BenStoever 366 PairDataIterator renamed to PairDataIteratorStore and calculation functions added. [more]
  12/5/21 7:16 PM BenStoever 365 Calculation order moved to separate class.
Calculation order now also contains a list of referenced iterating functions that need to be calculated prior to processing this group.
  12/5/21 5:06 PM BenStoever 364 Test project adjusted to recent changes.
Test case for new grouped expression sorting added.
(Some test cases currently fail due to the ongoing refactoring of the analysis implementation.)
  12/5/21 5:05 PM BenStoever 363 Calculation order of user expressions refactored to use multiple groups that can be interated over the pair/tree data together once. (The actual analysis still needs to be refactored accordingly. Currently the analysis implementation is partly out-dated or incomplete.) [more]
  12/5/21 9:58 AM BenStoever 362 UserExpressionsManagerTest.test_checkExpressions_order() extended to test placement of non-referenced expressions. [more]
  12/5/21 9:39 AM BenStoever 361 Bug fix for HarmonicMeanCalculator: VarArgCalculator.processFirstValue() added. [more]
  12/5/21 9:38 AM BenStoever 360 UserExpressionsManagerTest adjusted to recently removed median function. [more]
  12/5/21 9:25 AM BenStoever 359 IteratorVsRandomAccess added to test project. [more]
  12/4/21 4:22 PM BenStoever 358 VarArgCalculator, its implementations and related classes refactored to be ready for future way of implementing IteratingPairUserValueFunction.
MedianCalculator removed. (Currently unused and sorting all values currently be too complicated to implement. Maybe readded later if needed.)
  12/4/21 1:57 PM BenStoever 357 Debug outputs for calculation times added to UserExpressionsManager.
Some temporary database optimizations tried in DatabaseTable and DatabaseTools.
Obsolete TODO removed.
  9/1/21 12:19 AM BenStoever 356 Removed unused imports. [more]
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