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  1/4/17 7:04 PM BenStoever 724 1.5.xsd added. [more]
  1/4/17 6:19 PM BenStoever 723 XTG version information updated. [more]
  1/4/17 6:14 PM BenStoever 722 TextElementEdit now allows to edit multiple elements at the same time. [more]
  1/4/17 6:09 PM BenStoever 721 CreateBranchLabelCaptionDocumentAction implemented. [more]
  1/4/17 5:29 PM BenStoever 720 XTGWriter does not write (unused) caption text height anymore. (Reader still reads it, but it will be ignored by the other code later.) [more]
  1/4/17 4:18 PM BenStoever 719 IconPieChartLabelPanel now resets all change monitors. [more]
  1/4/17 3:59 PM BenStoever 718 Positioning and painting of pie chart label titles implemented.
Minor changes.
  1/4/17 3:20 PM BenStoever 717 Caption position fitting optimized in PieChartLabelPainter. [more]
  1/4/17 2:10 PM BenStoever 716 ConcreteTextFormats.getFont() now considers font specific difference between text height and font size. (This fixes previous text alignment problems but leads to letters of different font have a different height when the same text height is set.)
JavaDoc corrected.
  1/4/17 2:08 PM BenStoever 715 Further work on text size test classes. [more]
  1/3/17 5:48 PM BenStoever 714 Swapping caption with close y start coordinates improved. [more]
  1/3/17 5:31 PM BenStoever 713 DistanceValue.equals() corrected.
PieChartLabelPainter now avoids collision of caption lines with equal y start coordinates.
  1/3/17 5:06 PM BenStoever 712 PositionData extended.
Further work on PieChartLabelPainter.
  1/3/17 1:52 PM BenStoever 711 Further work on PieChartLabelPainter. [more]
  1/3/17 1:08 PM BenStoever 710 XTG reading and writing new pie chart label caption data implemented. [more]
  1/3/17 12:25 PM BenStoever 709 Further work on PieChartLabelPainter.
PositionData.assignPositionData() added.
  1/2/17 10:10 PM BenStoever 708 Further work on PieChartLabelPainter. [more]
  1/1/17 9:04 PM BenStoever 707 ConcreteTextFormats.getFont() can now also create Font objects with fractional text heights.
Intermediate commit in implementing PieChartLabelPainter.
Minor changes.
  1/1/17 9:01 PM BenStoever 706 Further work on text size tests. [more]
  12/30/16 12:49 PM BenStoever 705 Text size tests added. [more]
  12/30/16 12:49 PM BenStoever 704 KEY_FRACTIONALMETRICS switches on in all graphic outputs.
Minor changes.
  12/29/16 6:32 PM BenStoever 703 TODO added. [more]
  12/29/16 6:30 PM BenStoever 702 Missing @Override annotations added. [more]
  12/29/16 6:25 PM BenStoever 701 Some setters of PieChartLabelFormats now throw NPEs.
KEY_TEXT_ANTIALIASING set in FreeHEPWriter and TreeViewPanel.
PieChartLabelPositionData extended.
PositionPaintUtils.UNDERLINE_X_SHIFT_FACTOR removed since it does not seem to make things better.
JavaDoc extended.
Minor changes.
  12/29/16 1:00 PM BenStoever 700 LabelPainter.calculateDimension() refactored to calculatePositionData().
JavaDoc exteded.
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