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  6/3/19 4:37 PM BenStoever 923 The selection of multiple elements in the node/branch data table is now synchronized to the tree selection.
TreeSelection.add() does not throw IllegalArgumentException anymore if null is specified.
  6/3/19 4:25 PM BenStoever 922 Synchronized tree selection is now also visible in node/branch data table if no cell was previously selected. (Node names column is now selected by default in that case.) [more]
  5/27/19 1:10 PM BenStoever 921 Multiple rows are now selected in the node/branch data table, when multiple elements of the tree are selected. (Part of implementing #301.) [more]
  5/27/19 12:47 PM BenStoever 920 Avoided alternating selection updates between tree view and table view. (Unlimited alternating updates were also prevented before, since change events are only triggered if a value was actually changes. The additional implementations should in addition fix #303.) [more]
  5/27/19 12:23 PM BenStoever 919 JavaDoc edited. [more]
  5/24/19 12:13 PM BenStoever 918 SelSyncDefaultDocumentAdapterDialog now correctly writes to preferences. [more]
  5/24/19 11:33 AM BenStoever 917 Test project adjusted to recent changes in main. [more]
  5/24/19 11:31 AM BenStoever 916 Test project adjusted to recent changes in main. [more]
  5/23/19 4:56 PM BenStoever 915 Separate dialog used on activating selection synchronization that inherits from DefaultDocumentAdapterDialog.
PreferencesDialog now sets all default values.
Tree selection synchronization now uses preferences parameter. (Loading it currently does not work.)
  5/23/19 4:17 PM BenStoever 914 Preferences dialog now has an option to show the DefaultDocumentAdapterDialog when activating the selection synchronization feature.
Minor changes.
  5/23/19 3:48 PM BenStoever 913 TreeSelectionSynchronizeToggleAction now displays the DefaultDocumentAdapterDialog if documents without default support columns are open that contain better alternatives. (Contributes to #279.) [more]
  5/23/19 3:38 PM BenStoever 912 EditDialogAction now has a generic dialog type parameter.
EditDialogAction.createDialog() made protected.
  5/23/19 3:07 PM BenStoever 911 Tree.containsDecimal() moved to NodeBranchDataColumnManager. [more]
  5/23/19 3:02 PM BenStoever 910 IDManager renamed to NodeBranchDataColumnManager.
Functionality NodeBranchDataComboBoxModel.setAdapters() moved to IDManager.listAdapters().
SelectionSynchronizationMessagePanel added.
DefaultDocumentAdapterDialog now allows to display an additional externally defined heading component.
  5/23/19 10:28 AM BenStoever 909 Test case in NodeBranchDataColumnAnalyzerTest extended to test additions for #298. [more]
  5/22/19 5:43 PM BenStoever 908 Fixed #298 (NodeBranchDataColumnAnalyzer now considers VoidNodeBranchDataAdapter instances to be least suitable). [more]
  5/22/19 5:23 PM BenStoever 907 Missing visibility added. [more]
  5/22/19 5:10 PM BenStoever 906 Available support adapters in each cell of DefaultDocumentAdaptersTableModel are now sorted by suitability.
DefaultDocumentAdapterDialog now offers functionality to automatically select default support adapters.
CombinedAdapterEntry now can omit plural "s".
TODO removed from NodeBranchDataComboBoxModel.
  5/22/19 4:16 PM BenStoever 905 Bug fix: NodeBranchDataColumnAnalyzer now also works with empty trees. [more]
  5/22/19 3:58 PM BenStoever 904 DefaultDocumentAdapterDialog now offers components to set the default adapters of multiple documents at once. [more]
  5/21/19 5:04 PM BenStoever 903 TODO removed. [more]
  5/21/19 5:00 PM BenStoever 902 Removed debug output. [more]
  5/21/19 5:00 PM BenStoever 901 Completed implementation of #289 (Refactor DefaultDocumentAdapterDialog to support multiple documents at the same time).
Minor changes.
  5/21/19 4:51 PM BenStoever 900 Intermediate commit in refactoring (#289). (Currently all documents are always edited, even if no default column was changed.)
NodeDataComboBoxModel renamed to NodeBranchDataComboBoxModel.
NodeDataInputListener renamed to NodeBranchDataInputListener.
  5/9/19 1:05 PM BenStoever 899 NodeDataComboBoxModel.replaceAdapterListContents() added.
AddSupportValueColumnsDialog now sorts support adapters by their suitability. (Implements #288.)
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