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  6/15/18 10:23 PM BenStoever 829 Class folder dependencies in test project replaced by project dependencies.
Initial version of AddSupportValuesEditTest added.
  6/15/18 10:22 PM BenStoever 828 Initial commit for bug fix in AddSupportValuesEdit. (Some tests still to be done and debug comments present.)
Minor changes.
  6/12/18 11:39 AM BenStoever 827 AboutDialog updated and extended. [more]
  6/12/18 10:50 AM BenStoever 826 Minor changes. [more]
  6/11/18 4:13 PM SarahWiechers 825 Add support values function does not iterate over target tree anymore to find fitting support values, but over the support source tree to find fitting nodes in the target tree for all support values.
Corrected JavaDoc in LeafSet.
Minor changes.
  5/25/18 9:41 AM BenStoever 824 Legal information added to GitHub ReadMe. [more]
  3/4/18 12:29 PM BenStoever 823 Exception message in ImportTableEdit improved. [more]
  2/13/18 3:11 PM BenStoever 822 Adjustments to recent changes in commons.
Social media actions from commons used.
  2/13/18 2:48 PM BenStoever 821 WebsiteAction replaced by OpenWebsiteAction from commons. [more]
  11/29/17 5:53 PM BenStoever 820 MetadataPathElement.toString() now includes prefixes if available. [more]
  11/9/17 4:39 PM BenStoever 819 Commented-out method added to SortLeavesEdit to display calculated average indices for internal use. [more]
  11/8/17 8:06 PM BenStoever 818 Minor changes. [more]
  11/3/17 5:16 PM BenStoever 817 LoadLoggerDialog replaced by new dialog from commons.
Unused class MessagesListModel removed.
  10/18/17 2:11 PM BenStoever 816 Minor changes. [more]
  9/6/17 12:37 PM BenStoever 815 trunk merged into ExtendedMetadataModel. [more]
  9/6/17 12:33 PM BenStoever 814 Tag for status of extended metadata model branch at the end of the Bachelor thesis of Phoebe Brech created. [more]
  8/30/17 10:15 PM BenStoever 813 GitHub ReadMe corrected. [more]
  8/30/17 9:46 PM BenStoever 812 GitHub ReadMe corrected. [more]
  8/30/17 9:33 PM BenStoever 811 GitHub ReadMe corrected. [more]
  8/30/17 9:28 PM BenStoever 810 GitHub ReadMe and license files added. [more]
  8/26/17 8:41 PM BenStoever 809 trunk merged into ExtendedMetadataModel. [more]
  8/26/17 8:34 PM BenStoever 808 More web site links added to help menu.
Minor changes.
  7/27/17 4:21 PM BenStoever 807 Adjustments to recent changes in JPhyloIO.
JavaDoc extended.
  7/26/17 3:39 PM PhoebeBrech 806 Small bug fixes to include different QName predicates. [more]
  7/26/17 3:38 PM PhoebeBrech 805 Reading and writing metadata is possible.
Changed NeXMLReader and NeXMLWriter to use new ObjectTranslators.
Changed implementation of writing custom metadata to set the data type to default values.
Bug fixes in Branch.
General bug fixes.
General code cleanup.
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