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  2/4/18 10:33 PM BenStoever 653 Copyright information in sql project updated. [more]
  2/4/18 10:32 PM BenStoever 652 Copyright information in servlet project updated. [more]
  2/4/18 10:30 PM BenStoever 651 Copyright information in experimental project updated. [more]
  2/4/18 10:29 PM BenStoever 650 Copyright information in bio project updated. [more]
  2/4/18 10:29 PM BenStoever 649 Copyright information in applet project updated. [more]
  2/4/18 10:28 PM BenStoever 648 Copyright information in core project updated. [more]
  2/4/18 10:26 PM BenStoever 647 JavaDoc extended. [more]
  12/5/17 1:49 PM BenStoever 646 GenericChangeEvent and GenericEventObject added. [more]
  11/24/17 6:03 PM BenStoever 645 NonOverlappingIntervalList now overwrites inherited remove method to create a consistent behavior. [more]
  11/24/17 1:20 PM BenStoever 644 Minor JavaDoc changes. [more]
  11/17/17 9:35 AM JonasBohn 643 Added remove method in NonOverlappingIntervallList for removing selected parts of a character set. [more]
  11/3/17 5:19 PM BenStoever 642 JavaDoc extended. [more]
  11/3/17 5:15 PM BenStoever 641 JTextAreaApplicationLogger and SwingDocumentApplicationLogger removed from core module (moved to swing module). (Can be considered as an API change.) [more]
  11/3/17 5:14 PM BenStoever 640 ApplicationLoggerDialog added.
JTextAreaApplicationLogger SwingDocumentApplicationLogger moved to swing module.
  10/25/17 2:05 PM BenStoever 639 SequenceUtilsTest adjusted to recent changes.
Test project now uses project instead of class folder dependencies.
  10/25/17 2:04 PM BenStoever 638 SequenceUtils.nucleotideFrequencies() and aminoAcidFrequencies() adjusted to recent changes. [more]
  10/25/17 1:47 PM BenStoever 637 SequenceUtils refactored to provide constituents for the missing data token.
Maps do not contain the state itself as a constituent of atomic tokens.
  10/24/17 1:09 PM BenStoever 636 SequenceUtils.nucleotideConstituents() does not return the symbol itself, if called for non-ambiguity codes anymore. (Avoid invalid token references when using it to write NeXML. This can be considered as an API change, if not considered as a bug fix.)
SequenceUtils.oneLetterAminoAcidConstituents() and threeLetterAminoAcidConstituents() now return an empty array instead of null if a non-ambiguity code is passed. (Can be considered as an API change.)
  9/29/17 6:08 PM BenStoever 635 Ant files adjusted to recent changes in ReleaseManager. [more]
  9/28/17 4:53 PM BenStoever 634 Tag for release 2.4.0 created. [more]
  9/28/17 2:43 PM BenStoever 633 External SWT dependency added to ant scripts. [more]
  9/5/17 9:22 PM BenStoever 632 Minor JavaDoc changes. [more]
  8/30/17 10:14 PM BenStoever 631 GitHub ReadMe corrected. [more]
  8/30/17 9:58 PM BenStoever 630 GitHub ReadMe license information edited. [more]
  8/30/17 9:43 PM BenStoever 629 GitHub ReadMe edited. [more]
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