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  9/8/20 4:17 PM BenStoever 1699 UniqueIDEventReplacerTest removed.
StoreReaderTest adjusted to recent changes.
  9/8/20 4:14 PM BenStoever 1698 Event replacing classes removed.
StoreReader reverted to r1687.
  9/8/20 3:09 PM BenStoever 1697 Bug fixes in UniqueIDEventReplacer. [more]
  9/8/20 3:09 PM BenStoever 1696 Draft for UniqueIDEventReplacerTest added. [more]
  9/8/20 3:04 PM BenStoever 1695 LinkedIDEvent.cloneWithNewIDs() added. (This is an API change and requires increasing the major version number.)
JPhyloIOEvent.asLinkedIDEvent() added. (This is an API change and requires increasing the major version number.)
EdgeEvent.cloneWithNewIDs() added.
ID editing classes refactored to event replacing classes and used in StoreReader.
  9/7/20 4:44 PM BenStoever 1694 Test project adjusted to recent changes. [more]
  9/7/20 4:44 PM BenStoever 1693 IDEditor, IntegerIDEditor and PrefixIDEditor added.
StoreReader now uses IDEditor instead of IntegerIDManager.
  9/7/20 4:12 PM BenStoever 1692 StoreReaderTest extended to test generation of new IDs. [more]
  9/7/20 4:01 PM BenStoever 1691 StoreReader.cloneEventWithNewID() now uses respective ID prefix constant. [more]
  9/7/20 3:59 PM BenStoever 1690 Test project adjusted to recent changes. [more]
  9/7/20 3:58 PM BenStoever 1689 ConcreteJPhyloIOEvent now implements Cloneable.
LabeledIDEvent.cloneWithNewID() added.
StoreReader now allows optional ID manager to create new IDs for stored events.
  9/4/20 5:35 PM BenStoever 1688 TreeTopologyExtractor for now always selects first paint start. (See TODO for details.) [more]
  8/31/20 4:05 PM BenStoever 1687 StoreReader now avoids storing end events into StoreObjectListDataAdapters. [more]
  8/31/20 4:04 PM BenStoever 1686 StoreReaderTest added. [more]
  8/31/20 2:22 PM BenStoever 1685 Test project adjusted to recent changes. [more]
  8/31/20 2:15 PM BenStoever 1684 Initial implementation of StoreReader added.
More constructors and getters added to StoreAnnotatedDataAdapter and StoreTreeNetworkDataAdapter.
JavaDoc edited.
  8/31/20 2:13 PM BenStoever 1683 Added equals() method for EventType with single parameters for both type properties. [more]
  7/15/20 5:38 PM BenStoever 1682 Bug fix: NewickStringReader does not use same ID for multiple trees anymore.
TODO added.
  6/12/19 3:42 PM BenStoever 1681 Tag for release 1.0.0 created. [more]
  6/12/19 3:32 PM BenStoever 1680 Version information updated. [more]
  6/12/19 3:22 PM BenStoever 1679 Tag for version 0.5.4 created. (This should have been done in r1672 and will not get a higher revision number. The copy is made from r1671 and not the current HEAD.) [more]
  6/12/19 3:17 PM BenStoever 1678 Implemented option not to translate internal node names depending on parameter (#305).
Typo corrections.
  6/12/19 3:14 PM BenStoever 1677 NexusEventReaderTest extended to test new parameter to translate terminal node names. [more]
  6/12/19 2:15 PM BenStoever 1676 Parameter ReadWriteParameterNames.KEY_TRANSLATE_INTERNAL_NODE_NAMES added. [more]
  6/12/19 11:37 AM BenStoever 1675 Event ID is now contained in the property list of the event web view. (Fixes #304.) [more]
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