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This is a central site which provides an overview of all BioInfWeb projects. Currently this are a number of software projects developed by Ben Stöver and/or Kai Müller. Additionally a central site that defines the XML formats used by BioInfWeb projects is provided.

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bioinfweb repositories on GitHub

2017-08-30: bioinfweb repositories on GitHub

The source codes of now six bioinfweb software projects are now available on GitHub. The repositories of TreeGraph 2, JPhyloIO, LibrAlign,, AlignmentComparator and TIC are from now on synchronized with GitHub.

Feedback and pull requests are welcome.

bioinfweb Projects on ResearchGate

2017-08-21: bioinfweb Projects on ResearchGate

Our scientific software projects now each have their own ResearchGate page. Follow the projects to receive updates on new releases, features and publications. Each project also contains a section to ask questions about the software.

The following project pages are now availabble:

Version 2.14.0 of TreeGraph released

2017-06-26: Version 2.14.0 of TreeGraph released

A new version of our phylogenetic tree editor can be downloaded from

2017-05-22: New article published

Our article Barré P, Stöver BC, Müller KF, Steinhage V: LeafNet: A computer vision system for automatic plant species identification was published in Ecological Informatics.

Version 0.4.0 of <i>JPhyloIO</i> released

2017-05-13: Version 0.4.0 of JPhyloIO released

A new version of our library for reading and writing of phylogenetic file formats through one event-based interface was released.

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