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  9/20/17 6:56 PM BenStoever 863 ScrollContainerSWTAlignmentArea now registers TIC scroll event forwarder.
Toolkit-specific scroll synchronization removed from SwingMultipleAlignmentsContainer. (This is now done in core using TIC.)
useSubcomponents parameter added to SWTMultipleAlignmentsContainer.
AbstractSWTAlignmentArea.getHorizontalScrollbarHeight() removed, since it was already implemented in superclass.
Minor changes.
  9/20/17 6:54 PM BenStoever 862 ScrollContainerSwingAlignmentArea now registers TIC scroll event forwarder.
Toolkit-specific scroll synchronization removed from SwingMultipleAlignmentsContainer. (This is now done in core using TIC.)
  9/20/17 6:52 PM BenStoever 861 MultipleAlignmentsEventForwarder renamed to MultipleAlignmentsModelEventForwarder.
HorizontalScrollingSynchronizer added to synchronize horizontal scrolling using TIC.
JavaDoc edited.
Minor changes.
  9/20/17 6:45 PM BenStoever 860 Minor changes. [more]
  9/20/17 5:28 PM BenStoever 859 Simplified split pane creation in SwingMultipleAlignmentsContainer. [more]
  9/20/17 4:55 PM BenStoever 858 Basic adjustments to recent changes in TIC done in swt module.
DirectSWTAlignmentArea renamed to DirectPaintingSWTAlignmentArea.
DirectSWTAlignmentContentArea refactored to DirectPaintingSWTAlignmentContentScroller.
(Problem in SWTMultipleAlignmentsContainer remains to be fixed.)
  9/20/17 4:53 PM BenStoever 857 Basic adjustments to recent changes in TIC done in swing module. [more]
  9/20/17 4:53 PM BenStoever 856 Basic adjustments to new TIC architecture for direct paint scrolling done in core module. (Input event processing and working with MultipleAlignmentsContainers still require some additional adjustments.) [more]
  9/14/17 6:21 PM BenStoever 855 Fixed NPE in AbstractSWTAlignmentArea when using direct scrolling. [more]
  9/13/17 12:19 PM BenStoever 854 Removed unused field.
Minor JavaDoc changes.
  9/6/17 1:02 PM BenStoever 853 Minor JavaDoc changes. [more]
  9/5/17 9:33 PM BenStoever 852 Test project now used project instead of class path dependencies.
Minor changes.
  9/5/17 9:32 PM BenStoever 851 Removed unused import. [more]
  9/5/17 9:31 PM BenStoever 850 DirectSWTAlignmentLabelArea and ScrollContainerSWTAlignmentLabelArea replaced by single SWTAlignmentLabelArea.
AbstractSWTAlignmentArea added to implement shared functionality of DirectSWTAlignmentArea and ScrollContainerSWTAlignmentArea.
SWTScrolledCompositeResizeListener refactored to SWTScrollableResizeListener.
(SWTMultipleAlignmentsContainer still needs to be adjusted to current changes.)
  9/5/17 9:27 PM BenStoever 849 AlignmentArea.getPaintHeight() added and used in AlignmentContentArea.getSize().
AlignmentLabelArea now uses single SWT component again.
  9/5/17 9:25 PM BenStoever 848 JavaDoc edited. [more]
  9/5/17 7:53 PM BenStoever 847 Intermediate commit in implementing a directly scrollable AlignmentLabelArea for SWT. (Scroll bars will be removed from here after this commit.) [more]
  8/31/17 5:17 PM BenStoever 846 GitHub ReadMe extended. [more]
  8/30/17 10:11 PM BenStoever 845 GitHub ReadMe corrected. [more]
  8/30/17 9:54 PM BenStoever 844 GitHub ReadMe edited. [more]
  8/30/17 9:53 PM BenStoever 843 GitHub ReadMe edited. [more]
  8/28/17 5:58 PM BenStoever 842 License information for GitHub added. [more]
  8/28/17 5:55 PM BenStoever 841 ReadMe for GitHub created. [more]
  8/28/17 5:14 PM BenStoever 840 AlignmentLabelArea now optionally uses DirectSWTAlignmentLabelArea as its toolkit component. [more]
  8/25/17 3:31 PM BenStoever 839 ManualScrolling test added. [more]
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