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    Date Author Revision Message  
  5/25/18 10:21 AM BenStoever 36 GitHub ReadMe edited. [more]
  5/25/18 10:19 AM BenStoever 35 GitHub ReadMe edited. [more]
  5/25/18 9:50 AM BenStoever 34 GitHub ReadMe and license information added. [more]
  5/15/18 1:39 PM BenStoever 33 Tag for release 0.0.0 created. [more]
  5/15/18 12:14 PM BenStoever 32 Dependency JARs added.
MANIFEST.MF updated.
Version information updated.
  2/5/18 1:09 AM BenStoever 31 Default OS LaF now used. [more]
  2/2/18 3:16 PM BenStoever 30 Sequence index area is now always fully visible.
Keyboard shortcut removed.
  12/21/17 7:18 PM JonasBohn 29 Added missing .jar files to MANIFEST.MF [more]
  12/21/17 7:00 PM JonasBohn 28 Version information update. [more]
  12/21/17 6:59 PM JonasBohn 27 Copied missing .jar dependencies from libraries and added them to MANIFEST.MF. [more]
  12/21/17 6:27 PM JonasBohn 26 Created MANIFEST.MF.
Changed Application version.
Created Splash.png.
  12/21/17 5:21 PM JonasBohn 25 Ask after check for handleUnsavedChanges, rename save to saveAs method and created save method. [more]
  12/20/17 5:59 PM BenStoever 24 Minor changes. [more]
  12/20/17 5:33 PM BenStoever 23 TODO added.
AddCharSetAction.setEnabled() simplified.
  12/20/17 5:20 PM BenStoever 22 Bug fix: Default sequence rendering restored to display protein alignments correctly. [more]
  12/13/17 5:21 PM JonasBohn 21 Bug fixed in and set right filefilter.

Minor changes.
  12/13/17 3:39 PM JonasBohn 20 Fixed bugs in DeleteCharSetEdit and RemoveColumnsFromCharSetEdit.
Fixed bug in ExportAction which everytime choose nexml as contend format and added the right call for FormatID.

Minor changes.
  12/12/17 7:08 PM BenStoever 19 Reading and writing of character set colors is now supported. [more]
  12/12/17 6:33 PM BenStoever 18 Reading character sets implemented. [more]
  12/12/17 1:19 PM BenStoever 17 Writing character sets implemented. [more]
  12/8/17 4:54 PM JonasBohn 16 Changed size of Icons.
Added method createAlignmentModel to NewAction.
Added refreshActionStatus method to setDocument method in MainFrame.
  12/6/17 6:21 PM BenStoever 15 Maximal number of edits to be undone set to 50. [more]
  12/6/17 1:27 PM BenStoever 14 Adjustments to recent changes in LibrAlign. [more]
  12/5/17 3:08 PM BenStoever 13 Added RedoToAction, UndoToAction and UndoRedoToAction for detailed Undo/Redo menu.
Deleted SaveAs option from ToolBarPanel.
Overwrite setEnable Method for all Actions.

Minor changes.
  11/30/17 12:53 PM JonasBohn 12 Replaced Add and PhyDE2 icons.
Added AddBar, DeleteBar, AddCH and DeleteCH icons.
Added ToolBarPanel.
Created Edit classes for the CharSet actions, for running the undo and redo actions.
Added RenameSequenceAction, AlignmentModelFactory and AlignmetnModelEdit.
Modified Document class which uses the SwingUndoAlignmentModel.
Renamed RemoveCurrentSelectedCharSet to RemoveColumnsFromCharSetAction.

Minor changes.
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