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  10/28/17 11:06 AM BenStoever 204 Bug fix: ScrollingTICComponent now checks if toolkit component was created before accessing scroll methods. [more]
  9/29/17 2:37 PM BenStoever 203 Tag for release 3.0.0 created. [more]
  9/29/17 2:36 PM BenStoever 202 Ant files adjusted to recent changes in ReleaseManager. [more]
  9/29/17 12:02 PM BenStoever 201 Commons dependency JAR updated.
Class folder dependency to commons.core replaced by project dependency.
  9/29/17 11:53 AM BenStoever 200 Unused non-include lib folder removed. [more]
  9/27/17 2:46 PM BenStoever 199 SWTToolkitComponent.requestFocus() added. [more]
  9/27/17 2:45 PM BenStoever 198 ToolkitComponent.requestFocus() added. [more]
  9/27/17 2:35 PM BenStoever 197 Minor JavaDoc changes. [more]
  9/27/17 1:57 PM BenStoever 196 Direct scrolling demo extended to show mouse coordinate transformation. [more]
  9/27/17 1:57 PM BenStoever 195 Refactored input event forwarding for scrolled SWT components. [more]
  9/27/17 1:43 PM BenStoever 194 Intermediate commit in implementing input event forwarding for scrolled SWT components. (The current implementation will be refactored again in the next commit.) [more]
  9/20/17 6:30 PM BenStoever 193 Documentation comments added to scroll container demo. [more]
  9/20/17 6:01 PM BenStoever 192 Direct scrolling demo adjusted to recent changes in core. [more]
  9/20/17 6:00 PM BenStoever 191 Scroll container demo adjusted to recent changes in core. [more]
  9/20/17 3:33 PM BenStoever 190 JavaDoc extended. [more]
  9/20/17 3:28 PM BenStoever 189 TICScrollListener.controlScrolled() renamed to contentScrolled() since its not a sole SWT method anymore. [more]
  9/19/17 6:14 PM BenStoever 188 JavaDoc updated. [more]
  9/19/17 6:09 PM BenStoever 187 Direct scrolling demo adjusted to recent changes in SWT module. [more]
  9/19/17 6:08 PM BenStoever 186 DirectScrollingSWTComposite renamed to DirectPaintingSWTScrollContainer. [more]
  9/19/17 5:59 PM BenStoever 185 Subpackages added to group classes of scroll container demo. [more]
  9/19/17 5:52 PM BenStoever 184 Direct scrolling demo adjusted to recent architecture changes in DirectScrollingSWTComposite. [more]
  9/19/17 5:51 PM BenStoever 183 DirectScrollingSWTComposite now expects an additional constructor parameter defining a nested TIC component that is scrolled. (It does not paints the contents of its associated independent component anymore.)
DefaultSWTComposite now provides a protected method to change the output component that is painted (used by DirectScrollingSWTComposite).
JavaDoc extended.
  9/19/17 5:49 PM BenStoever 182 ScrollingTICComponent.getSwingComponentClassName() and getSWTComponentClassName() now throw exceptions to force inherited classes to provide a scrollable toolkit implementation.
JavaDoc edited.
Minor changes.
  9/12/17 3:51 PM BenStoever 181 Demonstration of listening to scroll events added to SWTApplication in direct scrolling demo. [more]
  9/12/17 3:50 PM BenStoever 180 DirectScrollingSWTComposite now fires scroll events in independent component. [more]
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