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  4/26/21 9:31 PM BenStoever 947 Debug output removed. [more]
  3/10/21 10:26 PM BenStoever 946 Minor JavaDoc changes. [more]
  10/8/20 12:02 PM BenStoever 945 Removed unused imports. [more]
  8/21/20 6:13 PM BenStoever 944 Bug fix: XXXOfLines() functions now throw exception when the target column is referenced. [more]
  8/6/20 2:26 PM BenStoever 943 Remove unused imports. [more]
  8/5/20 11:27 AM BenStoever 942 Minor changes. [more]
  8/5/20 11:21 AM BenStoever 941 TopologicalCalculator.findAllConflicts() and findHighestConflict() now support specifying a restricting leaf set. [more]
  7/30/20 12:30 PM BenStoever 940 Bug fix in TopologicalCalculator. Conflicts are now always checked in both directions to rule out situations with no match and no conflict resulting from a polytomy in one tree. [more]
  7/15/20 3:50 PM BenStoever 939 Additional read() methods in NewickStringReader made public. [more]
  7/15/20 2:07 PM BenStoever 938 TODO added. [more]
  7/15/20 1:33 PM BenStoever 937 JavaDoc corrected. [more]
  5/25/20 12:45 PM BenStoever 936 TODO edited. [more]
  5/9/20 3:54 PM BenStoever 935 TopologicalCalculator.findAllConflicts() added and findHighestConflict() refactored accordingly.
JavaDoc edited.
TODOs added.
  5/5/20 4:42 PM BenStoever 934 JavaDoc edited. [more]
  3/12/20 12:35 PM BenStoever 933 JavaDoc extended. [more]
  3/12/20 11:18 AM BenStoever 932 Minor JavaDoc changes. [more]
  3/12/20 11:16 AM BenStoever 931 JPhyloIOTreeReader extracted from NeXMLReader. (This allows using the tree reading functionality separately in other applications.) [more]
  3/12/20 11:01 AM BenStoever 930 Indentation corrected. [more]
  3/11/20 5:55 PM BenStoever 929 Indentation corrected. [more]
  6/21/19 1:29 PM BenStoever 928 EquivalentBranchHandler.handleBranches() now returns a boolean value indicating whether multiple support values for a node had to be handled.
AddSupportValuesEdit now includes case that multiple support values for a node were found in its warning message.
  6/5/19 5:01 PM BenStoever 927 Test file for selection synchronization added (not necessarily for use in unit testing). [more]
  6/5/19 4:25 PM BenStoever 926 Conflicting values in tree selection synchronization feature now highlights conflicting text labels in a different color instead of selecting them. [more]
  6/5/19 1:59 PM BenStoever 925 Functionality to highlight sets of elements in certain colors in the tree implemented. [more]
  6/4/19 3:29 PM BenStoever 924 TreeInternalFrame refactored to highlight cells of the node/branch data table that correspond to the current tree selection using the new class DocumentTableCellRenderer instead of the table selection.
Minor changes.
  6/3/19 4:37 PM BenStoever 923 The selection of multiple elements in the node/branch data table is now synchronized to the tree selection.
TreeSelection.add() does not throw IllegalArgumentException anymore if null is specified.
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