XML namespaces

This site lists all defined XML formats used in projects of BioInfWeb. The list may not contain all formats of projects in an early development stage. File formats which are not in XML are not listed here. You may find their documentation on the homepage of the respective project.

Existing namespaces

Namespace Latest version Description
http://bioinfweb.info/xmlns/AppVer 1.1 (XSD) This XML format is used to store application versions. It is usually referenced by other XML schemas and not used directly.
http://bioinfweb.info/xmlns/hirSearch 1.1 (XSD) This XML format is used to store the results of the software HIR-Finder.
http://bioinfweb.info/xmlns/xtg 1.5 (XSD) The document format of the phylogenetic tree editor TreeGraph 2
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