TIC documentation

To develop a toolkit independent GUI component, that new class must inherit from TICComponent. See there for details on which methods need to be implemented in which case.

To use a TIC component in an application, the factories SwingComponentFactory or SWTComponentFactory can be used to create a toolkit specific version. Their JavaDocs contain according code examples.

API documentation

The full documentation of all TIC classes can be found in the JavaDoc.

Example code

Basic example

The subversion repository contains an example implementation of a TIC component, as well as minimal Swing and SWT applications that demonstrate the use of that component.

A <i>TIC</i> component displaying a Sierpinski triangle.
Figure 1  A TIC component displaying a Sierpinski triangle. The same component is used both in a Swing and a SWT application.

Examples for scrolling components with TIC

More complex examples

LibrAlign is a GUI component library for displaying and editing multiple sequence alignments. All components it provides are based on TIC and therefore usable in Swing and SWT. More complex examples can be found in the source code of LibrAlign. The following list contains links to some example components there:

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