LibrAlign Bug Tracking System

We use MantisBT as the bug tracking system for most bioinfweb projects. If you found a bug in our software or want to share an idea for a new feature with us create a new issue here. Before doing so, please read the notes below.

If you have any questions on how to use our bug tracking system, feel free to write to

How to report a bug

  • Use our bug tracking system only for reporting bugs and submitting feature requests. If you need support on how to use our software, post a question on the respective ResearchGate project page, write an e-mail to or contact us via Twitter.
  • Check if your bug is already known by searching our system.
  • Make sure you use the latest version of our software, since the bug may already have been fixed.
  • Describe the bug as detailed as possible to maximize the chances for us to identify the cause. The issue reporting form contains a separate field to describe the steps how to reproduce a bug, e.g. which features you were using in which order in what type of data. This information is especially important for us.
  • You can also attach data to bug reports, e.g., files you have been working with when the bug occurred. Make sure that you submit nothing confidential, since all postings are public. (If you should have data you want to share with us but not make it publicly available, you can alternatively send it to after having files a bug report. Make sure to include the issue number of your report in that e-mail.)

Feature requests

Our bug tracking system can also be used to submit feature requests. If you have an idea for a new feature for our software you should first search our system of anything similar was already proposed. If so, you can possibly comment on that feature request. If not, create a new issue and select the following options:

  • Reproducibility = "N/A"
  • Severity = "feature"
  • Product Version should be the latest version of the repective software
  • Use Description to describe the new feature as detailed as possible.
  • The field Additional Information may be used to explain why you think the feature would be helpful, e.g., by describing example use cases.
  • (Steps To Reproduce can remain empty for feature requests.)

We are always happy to read about your ideas for extending and improving our software. Getting feedback from our users is very important to make software that fits the needs of the community and therefore we encourage everyone to share her/his ideas. (Note that although each feature request will be taken into account, we can not guarantee that all requests can or will automatically be implemented in our software. It may take some time until we can get to this or it might not be possible at all, since all authors are involved in many projects and their time is of course limited.)

Registering an account and anonymous reporting

We currently allow to submit bug reports, feature requests and comments on existing issues anonymously to simplify the process especially for users that do not do this on a regular basis. However we recommend to create an account before submitting a contribution due to the following advantes:

  • You can edit all your contributions any time later.
  • You can monitor your own and other issues and be informed by e-mail on changes and solutions, if you want to. This would also allow us to request feedback, if that should be necessary to solve your problem.
  • No personal data will be used outside of the bug tracking system or exposed to third parties. You will not receive any e-mails, except on changes of issues you subscribed to. You can configure if you want to be informed at any time later.
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The development of LibrAlign was partly funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) in this project.

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