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LibrAlign is distributed under GNU Lesser General Public License. Copyright (C) 2014-2018 by Ben Stöver. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.

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The following components are associated with version 0.6.0. Components that were updated in this version are shown in bold.

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    <name>bioinfweb repository</name>

Changes in this version

  • New version of core.
  • New version of io.
  • New version of swt.
  • Dependencies to bioinfweb.commons core, bio and swing updated to version 3.0.0.
  • Dependency to TIC core updated to version 3.0.1.
  • Dependency to JPhyloIO core updated to version 0.5.1.


  • CharSetArea now allows to select character sets with the mouse and programmatically.
  • CharSetDataModel now fires change events and offers listeners.
  • CharSetArea.setModel() added.
  • Overloaded method AlignmentModel.addSequence() added to allow to specify a certain sequence ID.
  • ID property added to AlignmentModel and AbstractAlignmentModel.
  • SequenceIDManager refactored to allow multiple sequence with the same name and sequences without names.
  • TokenPainterList now allows to specify different token painters depending on the actual token set using the new class TokenPainterMap.
  • Property reuseSequenceIDs added to AbstractUndecoratedAlignmentModel.
  • Names in swing undo alignment model implementations adjusted to current standards.
  • AbstractAlignmentModelFactory now optionally uses a default token to replace unknown tokens.
  • BioPolymerCharAlignmentModelFactory now allows to optionally convert lower case tokens.
  • CharacterTokenSet now optionally supports alternative lower case tokens.
  • SequenceArea and TextLabelArea now use fractional text metrics to avoid cutting off texts.
  • AlignmentModelChangeEvent and inherited classes now support cloning (with and without a new source).
  • SequentialAccessIndexTranslator removed from trunk due to bugs. (It may come back in later releases. Use RandomAccessIndexTranslator until then.)
  • AlignmentArea.revalidate() now recalculates label area widths.
  • AlignmentModelChangeListener.afterProviderChanged() renamed to AlignmentModelChangeListener.afterModelChanged().
  • DelegatedAlignmentModelView added.
  • AbstractAlignmentModelAdapter renamed to AbstractBasicAlignmentModelView.
  • Bug fix: SwingInsertRemoveTokensEdit now calculates correct length.
  • Bug fix: SwingUndoAlignmentModel now fires events with itself as the source.
  • Bug fix in SwingRenameSequenceEdit: Undoing sequence renaming now works.
  • Bug fix: Missing implementation for AbstractTokenSet.isMissingInformationToken() added.
  • Bug fix: Correct enumeration type now used in TokenDefinition.
  • Bug fix in AlignmentArea and CharSetArea: New model is now also set, if the contents of the new and old model are equal.


  • Bug fix: SWTAlignmentLabelArea now resizes its subcomponents correctly.


  • IOTools added.
  • AlignmentModelDataAdapter now also allows empty strings as ID prefixes.
  • CharSetDataAdapter added for writing character set model data.
  • Support for reading and writing characater set colors as metadata added.
  • Convenience constructors added to AlignmentDataReader.
  • AlignmentDataReader.processNextEvent() made protected.
  • AbstractDataModelEventReader refactored to use maps for multiple loading models and for the completed models.
  • AlignmentModelEventReader refactored to consider linked alignment ID of character sets.
  • AlignmentModelEventReader now loads alignment ID.
  • Invalid error output in CharSetEventReader removed.
  • Bug fix: AlignmentModelEventReader now makes use of token set definition.
  • Bug fix: TokenSetAdapter now writes all atomic token before uncertain token, so that uncertain tokens can reference atomic tokens in file formats where necessary.
  • Bug fix in AlignmentModelDataAdapter: Writing sequences with the length 0 is now possible.
  • Bug fix in AlignmentModelDataAdapter: Missing token is now written after atomic tokens.
  • Bug fix: CharSetEventReader.getCurrentCharSet() now returns null if no character set is currently loaded.
  • Bug fix in TokenSetAdapter: No empty character set interval events created anymore.

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